Frequently Asked Questions

Stream Land Company is a family-owned property investment company based in Minnesota, USA.  Our mission is to help land owners remove the burden of property ownership by offering an easy and streamlined solution for selling land.

We get all of our ownership records from the county assessor’s database.  Every county maintains a public record of the owner of each property.  This information is available to anyone who asks for it.  We do not share your information with any third parties.

We consider several factors when determining our offer price for different properties.  Generally, our offer is a percentage the property’s wholesale value.  Wholesale value is always lower than retail, but the value we bring to our customers is a quick, cash sale where we pay for all of the costs associated with the sale of a property.

The letters we send to people contain an enclosed document entitled “Purchase Agreement.” Once you sign it, it becomes a legally binding agreement for us to purchase your property. We reserve the right to decline transactions based on our final property due diligence, title deficiencies, etc.

No, there is absolutely no cost or fee for working with us.  We are not Realtors, we do not want to list your property for sale – we actually want to buy it. 

  1. Efficiency:  Using a Realtor to sell land on the MLS often takes 12-18 months to actually sell.  We can close in less than 30 days.
  2. Cash Closing:  Traditional sales that involve banks, loans, and underwriting take 30-60 days for a deal to close… if it is approved.  We close with cash and there is no waiting period.
  3. No Fees:  Since we purchase land directly from you, there are no realtor or MLS fees, saving you 6-10%.  On top of that, we pay for all of the closing costs, which equals more CASH in your pocket.
  4. Back Taxes:  We can usually pay off any back taxes that are owed.  If you sell on the MLS, you will have to pay all back taxes in order to sell.
  5. Professionalism:  We hire a professional title company to manage the entire closing process from start to finish.  This ensures that the payment and deed transfer is handled in a professional, honest, and transparent fashion. 

Click Here for a summary of the major differences between selling to us vs. hiring a Realtor.

We mainly focus on undeveloped land, however, we will consider properties of any size, type, and location.  If you’ve not yet received an offer, submit your property info and we will make you an offer if it fits our purchase criteria.

We enjoy making improvements to the properties whenever possible, but depending on the parcel we may decide to hold the property for long term investment or resell within a few months to a year.

You will not be charged any fees or have to pay anything out of your pocket.  Our offer will make it clear what your net profit will be on the sale. 

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is we offer to pay 100% of the closing costs and back taxes owed.  Sellers traditionally pay for all closing costs, which can include realtor/listing fees, title work, appraisal fees, property taxes, recording fees, etc.  

In addition, we will never ask you to make any improvements to your property prior to closing.  Some agents will require improvements before even listing your property on the MLS.  We buy land as-is, no questions asked.